Expanded Access to our Investigational Medicinal Products Policy

At MorphoSys, our mission is to make innovative biopharmaceuticals to improve the lives of patients suffering from serious diseases.  Before medicines can be made broadly available, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other health authorities around the world require that they are investigated in clinical trials. Throughout this process, the safety of patients taking our medicines is of the utmost importance.

People who choose to participate in clinical trials play an essential role in developing new medicines, particularly for rare diseases and conditions that are especially difficult to treat.  Whenever possible, MorphoSys will refer an individual requesting access to our investigational medicinal products to an appropriate clinical trial. To discuss your eligibility for a MorphoSys clinical trial, please ask your treating physician. In some cases, patients with serious or immediately life-threatening diseases may not be eligible for any clinical trials and may not have other treatment options. Only under exceptional and very specific circumstances, these patients may be able to receive investigational medicinal products outside the clinical trial process.

These patients may be able to receive investigational medicines through “Expanded Access Programs” (EAP) (sometimes referred to as “Compassionate Use”).

EAPs can be set-up for patients:

  • With immediate life-threatening or serious diseases
  • With potential benefits justifying the potential risks
  • Who have exhausted all treatment options and
  • Who are not eligible for any clinical trial

MorphoSys is committed to providing access to investigational medicinal products in cooperation with local health authorities and in accordance with our criteria for an EAP. EAPs only apply to investigational medicinal products not yet approved by the local health authorities.

MorphoSys may consider providing participation in an EAP to a patient if the following principles are observed:

  • Access to the MorphoSys investigational medicinal product is for a patient(s) with an immediate life-threatening or serious condition for whom no other treatment options or clinical trials are available. If and when appropriate, an EAP is a solution of last resort if regulatory requirements allows.
  • MorphoSys must be conducting research with the requested investigational medicinal product as part of a clinical trial. Upon commercial availability of the medicine following regulatory approval, any applicable EAPs will be terminated.
  • Granting participation in a MorphoSys EAP must not interfere in any way with the completion of clinical trials that could support health authority approval of the investigational medicinal product.  Whenever possible, patients requesting access to a MorphoSys investigational medicinal product will be referred to an ongoing clinical trial.
  • Patient must not be eligible for ongoing or pending clinical trials of the investigational medicinal product
  • Potential benefits to the patient seeking access to the investigational medicinal product must outweigh the collective potential risks to the patient.  The patient’s physician must decide whether the potential benefit outweighs the risk of receiving an investigational or unapproved medicine, based on the individual patient’s medical history.
  • Adequate clinical data must exist to support the appropriate dosing, frequency of the investigational medicinal product and duration of treatment.  MorphoSys’ clinical team will determine whether this clinical data is available and is adequate.
  • Sufficient supply of the investigational medicinal product to support the EAP.  Supplying the medicine through the EAP must not compromise the supply of medicine available for active or soon-opening clinical trials.

Healthcare professionals who feel that their patient may meet the criteria above, and are interested in obtaining more details about the EAP for pelabresib, visit the site below. 

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For all other inquiries, including those related to tulmimetostat, please email MorphoSys Medical Information: medinfo@morphosys.com

We will acknowledge receipt of your request within three business days. All requests will be carefully evaluated in a fair and equitable manner by MorphoSys medical professionals with every effort made to provide a response promptly once we have all the necessary information.


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